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Camps: Rising 4-5th Graders

For rising 4th and 5th graders, Education Unlimited has adapted versions of our most popular enrichment programs to meet the needs of younger students who may be away from home for this first time. Please browse our offerings below, and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Anatomy/Physiology - 4th-6th

Anatomy and Physiology scientists will be dissecting the wonders of the human body. In this camp, we will zoom into multiple body systems using interactive and kinesthetic laboratory explorations.  

Throughout the week, scientists will have opportunities to wonder, lead, and explore their curiosities of the human body.  Scientists will begin...

Computer Programming

Education Unlimited's Computer Programming offerings go beyond simply interacting with a computer. Instead, campers will dive into writing their own codes to create executable software that run on their computers. While each programming language has its own unique strengths and uses, Java and Python are two popular and indispensable languages...

Elementary Week: SNAP

SNAP: A foundation for programming + Webdesign

The campers will learn about algorithms, loops, debugging, conditionals, and events in activities and in programming using Snap, the drag-and-drop visual programming language. Engaging activities both on the computer and off will prepare the students to dive into other programming languages moving...

Emerging Writers Institute - Elementary School

Our newest Emerging Writers Institute program is for 5th & 6th graders!

English Immersion

Education Unlimited’s English Immersion program welcomes Intermediate to Advanced Intermediate students from around the world who wish to improve their English skills in a fun and supportive atmosphere. Students will experience the beautiful UC Berkeley campus as they live in the UC Berkeley Residence halls and eat their meals in the dining...

Intro to Engineering - 4th-6th

In Intro to Engineering, students will learn the basic principles of engineering design and use this process to solve a variety of ‘build challenges’, which must survive performance trials and unexpected obstacles along the way!  Students will work collaboratively with one another and our amazing instructors to study the principles of force,...

Public Speaking Institute - 4th-5th

Public Speaking Institute - 4th-5th

Public Speaking Institute - 5th-6th

Public Speaking Institute 5th-6th

Public Speaking Institute - 6th-8th

Middle and Elementary School Public Speaking will cover two main areas of public speaking:


Learn the art of verbal combat! Students will construct persuasive positions, defend against and attack each other’s arguments, and cross-examine effectively. Students will debate a variety of age- and experience-appropriate topics, form teams,...

Public Speaking Institute - 7th-8th

Public Speaking Institute 7th-8th

Public Speaking Institute - 9th-12th

Designed to help students build confidence in their public speaking skills, our Public Speaking Institute trains students in public speaking, logic and rhetoric through an interactive and dynamic curriculum that encourages incremental progress through ongoing practice and exercise. Over the course of the program, students will participate in...

Video Production Camp

The Video Production Camp, campers produce, direct, light, shoot and edit like the experts as they complete exercises and projects culminating in making their own short movie. Students will learn to utilize titles, graphics, music, voice-over, and live-action video while developing leadership, communication, project management, creative design,...

Web Design

Education Unlimited's Web Design series introduces and familiarizes campers with the process of creating and scheming interactive websites and applications. By using tools including HTML, CSS, and Javascript, campers will learn the mechanics of webpage layouts, content production, and elements of graphic design. 

Web Design - CSS & HTML